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Soccer in Cairns and Far North Queensland no longer occupies the position of dominance, we are now a football code struggling for meaning. This no doubt may reflect the national situation but the game on a national level, possibly never attained the heights, that were achieved here in Far North Queensland.      There are many theories and just as many reasons for this sad state of affairs but it is incredible how attempts or suggestions to enable re-growth of the code has to be contained in or by previous power bases. Even the phoenix has to be consumed by fire before it can rise again.

There is a great wealth of experience and an enviable mix of backgrounds within the game in the Far North, yet we still seem to be forever turning in ever decreasing circles. The changing demographics of a growth area as is Cairns and the surrounding rural districts should be an advantage for growth not an excuse for the lack there of.

The game should have the benefit of an administration that allows this growth to take precedence over the importance and standing of member clubs. Yes, some of these clubs may have been around for 50 years, achieved great heights, had and have today, great administrators, but the game is bigger than any club or collective of clubs.

As with all regional sports today there are many players, coaches and others are no longer amateur, thus money has become an even greater problem. It is not just fields, lighting and club houses that make a mess of end of year balances, it's the full monty. Amateur sport, not just soccer has been dragged into the world of competitive business, it does not belong, but it is there. The Far North has the largest junior base of any sport here, but senior clubs seem to be interested in only 10% of these junior players. People it is the other 90% of these players that is your future and most importantly the future growth of the game in Far North Queensland. Nothing kills interest in a sport like politics that never end and lack resolution, you are chasing people away!

Sorry, no solutions offered. Solving these problems is the domain of governing bodies and their member clubs(soccer clubs) being pushed all the way by soccer supporters and soccer players. Enough of the problems of soccer in Cairns and Far North Queensland; the pages of this site will offer you independent access to soccer clubs both junior and senior around Cairns and the Far North. Also links to other soccer sites including four of my favorite European clubs.